Thursday, June 16

Crazy Dreams Must Be Going Around

Yesterday morning, I woke up in a frenzy.  I could hear The Babe shouting for her mama, and I knew I needed to roll out of bed and get with it.  The problem was that I couldn't stop thinking about the dream I had just been having.  I was frantically searching for wood crates.  I was looking everywhere.  Contacting everyone I knew.  Begging for help to find crates.  

I am sick.  Twisted.  And desperately in need of some crates like these.  Do you know where I can find some on the cheap?  Please, help me.  :)  

My source

To prove I'm not alone in these crazy decorating induced dreams, Sherry over at Young House Love blogged about a crazy dream she had about every room needing at least one elephant worked into the design.  

See... I'm not the only crazy one out there.  Now, help me find some crates because evidently they're all the rage.  In fact, here's a whole blog post by French By Design on recycling wood crates and pallets.  Just don't let anyone know they're all the rage.  I want them to be inexpensive.  ;)

So, if you're out there and reading this and see any crates like the ones above, let me know.  Feed my addiction and help stop these crazy dreams.


  1. I think the flea market in downtown raleigh may be a great place to find them!

  2. I saw some at the flea market at the fairgrounds a couple weeks ago, too.

  3. I'm going to try to check these places out, ladies!!! :) Thanks for the tips.

  4. JoAnne's sells the unfinished for $10


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