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Mini Bathroom Redo / Sink Skirt Reveal

Yesterday, I mentioned in this post that we had been super busy the past week, and today I'm back to share one of the projects I finally got around to finishing.  This post will cover a couple of different things we have done to update our downstairs powder room / tornado shelter.  :)

First, let's talk paint.  A few weeks ago, I decided to paint the powder room as the initial step in updating the room.  It was a really dark purple color the previous homeowners had and the color just seemed to suck all of the light out of the tiny room.  I didn't want to spend $$ on a new color, so I decided to just paint the whole room a light shade of gray to match the majority of our downstairs; the color is Behr Silver Sateen that I had color matched to Olympic Zero VOC paint.  I still really love this gray color and it seems to be a good neutral gray vs one that pulls out too much blue / purple / etc.

Behr's Silver Sateen

In this picture, you can see the difference as I started cutting in the gray over the existing purple.  Much better and lighter!

Here's a picture of our plain pedestal sink before the new paint job started; more on dressing up this sink in a paragraph or two!

BEFORE:  Sink area

This little bathroom is directly under our stairs leading to the second floor of our home.  It's really small and lacks storage.  It also has the funky angled ceiling since it's under the stairs so there isn't room for any significant storage options.  Right now, I'm thinking of adding a couple of baskets mounted directly on the wall behind the toilet to store extra toilet paper and all of Emme's potty training reading materials.  That girl LOVES to sit on the potty and read, so I like having lots of options and stickers available to keep us occupied.  More on those baskets later, though!

To help gain some hidden storage options, I decided to add a fabric sink skirt around our plain pedestal sink (pictured above).  I thought it would also be an easy way to add some texture and color to the room and disguise a few extra rolls of toilet paper under the sink.  I went to World Market and found this great Ikat shower curtain on sale for $20.  It has a darker gray color in it that also happens to match an accent wall in our kitchen / dining area.

World Market's Blue Ikat Shower Curtain

My inspiration for this sink skirt came from an image I had pinned on Pinterest from the Beneath My Heart blog.  She made this one for her mud sink and I knew the tutorial would work for our pedestal sink, so I used her method and supplies as my guide.  Here's the link to her tutorial!

Inspiration Image and Original Tutorial

I had to cut the shower curtain into two pieces so I would have enough to go around the outside of our sink and I joined the two pieces together vertically using Heat'n Bond iron-on adhesive.  I don't know why I didn't just stitch it up the middle, but I chickened out and used the adhesive instead.  I sewed the bottom and top of the fabric to create nice finished edges, but I didn't have to sew the sides because those were already finished from the existing shower curtain.

The other HUGE difference between my version and the inspiration image above is that I could not figure out how to get my fabric to gather.  I tried and tried but I just couldn't get it to work.  I watched the video she posted a link to and even a few others, but it just wasn't working for me.  Nap time was almost over, too, so I decided I just needed to come up with another plan and trudge along.  I decided I would do pleats instead of gathers....and have I mentioned I barely know how to sew and I had no idea how to pleat anything?  I just pinned some fabric together along the top edge every 1 - 2 inches and made little pleats and ran them through the sewing machine.  And guess what?!?  It worked!!!  Once I had my pleats done, I sewed the loop side of the velcro onto the skirt and mounted the hook side onto the sink.  I also want to add a ribbon along the top edge to hide my stitches, but I'll get to that another day, or in a month, or in a year...whatever.  :)

You can see my version of pleats and the way the skirt is attached to the sink.

This is the velcro I used...One side goes on the
 fabric and the other has adhesive for mounting to a hard surface.  Source

This was seriously a pretty easy sewing project and it made a HUGE difference in our little bathroom.

AFTER:  New paint color and pedestal sink skirt!

In addition to some wall-mounted storage above the toilet, I'm also planning to create some sort of a frame around the mirror you see in the picture above.  I have a few options pinned on Pinterest, but the two I like most involve rope and driftwood.  

Nate Berkus' rope mirror frame:  Pinterest Link
Driftwood Mirror from Domino Magazine : Pinterest Link

I've always loved the idea of using rope to create a frame around the mirror like Nate Berkus did on his show, but I LOVE the idea of recreating a driftwood mirror frame even more.  I'm thinking that may be next on my list for this little bathroom and our basic builder-grade oval mirror.  Let's just hope my energy levels stay up and I can knock a few more projects out before Will's arrival.  

Thanks for reading..would love your feedback, questions, etc!

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  1. It looks fabulous Mary! I love the skirt with velcro!

    Lou Cinda

  2. Is that pedestal skirt made of tornado proof fabric?


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