Tuesday, August 14

Making Old Curtains New Again (and chevron!)

I've been known to jump on the chevron bandwagon before like this wall in Emme's big girl room...

and our new rug for the dining room turned play area downstairs that you can see better in this post about making your own Pottery Barn inspired activity table...

so it wasn't really a big surprise to me when I was searching around on the internet for ideas to make the old curtains in Will's room look a little more fresh, and I stumbled across this fabric and soon found myself ordering it.

As I mentioned in my update on Will's room last week, I was inspired by these Restoration Hardware curtains to make my "old" curtains that were too short new again by adding a fabric chevron panel to the middle and then moving my new longer curtains all the way up to the ceiling like I love to do (and as seen in the 2nd picture below).

Restoration Hardware inspiration curtains
How I like to hang my curtains from Hyphen Interiors

With my chevron fabric in hand and my inspiration from Restoration Hardware, I began by cutting my old white panels in half.  I didn't do it perfectly at the midpoint of the curtains because I wanted the chevron panel to be placed more like the band of gray in the RH curtains above.

The old white curtains that were too short
and too plain!

Once I had them cut in half, I added in the chevron panels by just eyeballing the size of the panel I thought I wanted.  Then, I pinned the fabric in place with the right sides together and just added the chevron in between the two old halves of the curtains.  I'm not great with the sewing machine so I won't even begin to give you a tutorial on how I did it.  BUT, the good news is that I did it and I'm no expert. So if I can do it, absolutely anyone can do this.  I PROMISE!!!

And here's the official before and after!

Clearly, I've also done a few more things in Will's room since these before and afters were taken, so I'll be back later this week with more updates and pictures!

What do you think?  Am I going overboard on the chevron?  Time for me to jump on a new trend?  :)  I think so, but I love these curtains anyway.  Have you jumped on any bandwagons lately?!?

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